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Ashley Nakanishi

Ashley Nakanishi-Shankles steadily reps Uchinaa pride and has come a long way from the Ryukyuan Kingdom and island chain of Okinawa. She is a working mother, actress, student and poet. She currently facilitates poetry workshops in detention centers, transitional housing for DVAC survivors and the occasional high school.  Currently, she is pursuing her Masters in post-secondary education blending history, sociology and creative writing to focus on the human diaspora, de-colonizing the mind, and the pursuit of equality through love and education.

In her debut collection of poetry, Ashley Nakanishi explores an array of topics. From immigrating to America to domestic and sexual violence to the strength of family ties. With an old-soul flair and new-age twist she cordially invites her audience to observe the carnival of her mind and the world through her eyes.

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