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Darron Cambra

Darron Cambra’s style is tongue in cheek, 
with a stiff upper lip, 
mixed with emotions worn on a sleeve.
He stencils his story with rhythm, rhyme, and rhetoric.  
Then he paints it with pun, wit, and sarcasm.
Finally frames it on stage with unequal parts 
of compassion, comedy,
and rage. 
Check out his first collection, TRUE Confessions of a Compulsive LIAR
on iTunes, Spotify, Pandora, and CD baby
Second album, Truth or Darron coming soon…ish

Creator and facilitator Of InDaPenDance Writing Workshop

Darron was the Arts and Education Director for Youth Speaks Hawaii, including the Brave New Voices championship years. He has coached teen poetry teams to interscholastic competitions, and facilitated workshops in detention homes and after school programs. 


He has represented Hawaii in competition 3 years in a row, and has held workshops for ages in a variety of spots around the islands.