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Ezzio "E-Poetry"

About Me

I have never really liked to talk about myself; it's the hardest thing without sounding all, look at me!  But here it goes.

I am an immigrant child that came from Peru. When i was 7 my mother moved us to Miami, FL.

I grew up a normal, times-are-hard-we-got-enough-to-get-by hopefully-the-light-doesn't-get-shut-off life, because life in Miami without A.C is like being sentenced to a night in hell. My single mother never failed to have a roof over our heads and food in our belly for my younger sister and myself. So everything else doesn't matter.

I remember the first time I heard and saw Spoken Word. My best friend (my brother from another mother) took me to this Spoken Word event hosted by the late Will Da Real One. From that day on I was in love with the way this art form allows the person on the mic take anyone into their life. To really emerge our audience in our pain or happiness or any other emotion and story we have to say.


I eventually was able to step up to the mic. When you are on stage everything else is just…just.

If only one sentence from one poem reaches someone in that room, it was worth the hustle of going to every open mic and putting yourself out there.


With the help of DJ MIDWID (DJ Make It Do What It Do) i was able to start my own night called Culture Clash. It was a night where anyone could say what they wanted to say in whatever language or way. To use comedy or music or art to say what they needed to get off their chests.


I even proposed to my wife on stage! My life has been and will always be a poem. It’s just up to me to make it mean something and leave something behind that my children would be proud to share with the world.


Well, this is just a little about myself and I hope that here you find yourself willing to share some of yourself so I will be able to help you write your own poem.

Contact Me

At the moment all we ask is for a donation for our time and effort in making a one-of-a-kind unique poem for you.

The more information you send, the better and more unique your poem will be.

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