The Poetry Bodega



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Our Story

To call on an old cliché, it all started with a dream. The Poetry Bodega was born when Ezzio Lavarello woke up in the middle of the night with a name and an idea: poems for sale. He and Asia Lavarello began writing poems on commission and performing throughout Oahu.

They soon connected with other poets on the island, and The Poetry Bodega became a collective. They found their home at The Good Vibe Center in Oahu's Chinatown, and held their first open mic in April 2018. Starting as a monthly show, they soon moved to a bi-weekly, then weekly format.

The Poetry Bodega now produces shows every Saturday night, with each week of the month corresponding to a theme: 1st Saturday is our flagship open mic, 2nd Saturday is our comedy and poetry night, 3rd Saturday is our music and poetry showcase, and 4th Saturday is our winner-take-all poetry slam.

In addition to our open mic events, The Bodega also presents Hip Hop Karaoke, In-Da-Pen-Dance Writing Workshops, and coming soon, our newest event, Trap and Paint, a painting party concept with a poetry and Trap music twist.