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About Me:

I started writing in grade 10 during high school as a therapy method that I discovered after hearing the poem 'A Letter to Hip Hop during an English class.

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My story is the expression of my words

My story is the words I speak

My story is not defined by where I came

From, my story is not defined by how many

Times I fell, but it's how many times

I Continue to get up and move on



To protect, to defend

To hold and to keep

To gaurd and maintain

To insure and guarantee

To be well fed and

To be full, a precious

Treasure like a dense foliage

That sprouts with

Luxurinant growth exposing

The scent of one beautiful




In a world that grows cold

Dark and grey

Where people have no kind

Words to say

I will piece through the

Cold darkness with the

Warmth of my words

I will bring back the colour

To this cold world



When you think


That something

Can not be done

That is when you

Push forward and

Do it, because

A car does not

Stop just because it

Can not see the

Road ahead but

Slowly moves

Forward trusting

That the lights

Will bring into view

Any obstacle that

May occur.



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