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July 23, 2018




Close your eyes and extend your hand

Anticipate a gift

Free your mind and let the scent of what could be

Enter your soul and inspire your heart

Feel the earth on your palm

The sensation of happiness

As the pedals of these flowers

Are blind and they study your face with gentleness

Taken in the aroma of roses, sunflowers, orchids and tulips

Open your eyes and see beauty

Vibrant colors of hope break hesitation

As your pupils become windows to the human soul

And the bricks of your wall shatter

The sun appears in the horizon

Stars dance with each other

As the moon plays songs that take us back

To a time where commitment

Meant walking you to your next class

A kiss in the cheek was the highlight of the school day

These flowers are not meant to sweep you of your feet

They are meant to reminded you

When you open your eyes in the morning

That I am thinking about you.




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