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Go Getter Go!

July 22, 2018


The sun breaks the darkness in the room

rays cutting the curtains

shanking sleep

its bright and early

wake up Rooster!!!

sing morning songs

donuts and coffee with a hint of rum

car keys and cell phone

day just staring

got your suit on

fresh and clean

looking sharp

a shark in a fish's world

hands and tongue

are mechanical parts

in a production line of money making

baking bread for a system that is always hungry

a fat kid with a large appetite

stealing food from your lips

same lips you use to kiss your kids

leeches that rape you from your essences

Fix your tie up pimp!

poker face on

smile and wink at yourself in the rear view mirror

coffee in the cup holder

roaches hide in your ashtray

that scatter when the light turn on

one last check

one deep breath

lungs take in what's to come

mentally ready, got your swagger on




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