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El Poeta

July 26, 2018


El Poeta


Tonight you came to hear

Lo mejor de mi repertorio

I am going to give you

A peek inside my heart

While you get lost in the sound of my pain

Reality is hard to accept

Especially when the truth hurts


I write about life

The happiness, the sadness

De momentos malos

Y de cosas buenas

Lost moments in the strings of guitars

As harmony stands under the spotlight

Daze and confuse spinning around to Salsa beats

My heart beats to the words hitting the drums

Sentences singing "Azucar"

As my tongue twist the English language

Esol- yo soy el Sol atras de nubes de dolor

Verbs and nouns embrace metaphors

I put my Machismo down

And love Puchi for who she is

Put aside the Gingerbread man

And just became “El Poeta"


But y'all came to be entertain

Paid your money at the door

Noy hay tiempo para tristeza

Dale Poeta! comienza

Not knowing what I go threw

To write like I write

All you want is that hot line

To say rewind

Not knowing my soul is tormented

And my spirit has giving up

The streets have more faith

Then a priest preaching

I rather pray to love

And have God give me hope

Then put my fate in you


Me paran simpre after shows

And a lot of people assume

They dont know nothing about me

"Oye Ezzio, tu estas hecho

Siempre con hembras y en fiesta"

I create a false illusion that everything is ok

Nobody ask if I am alright

If I am hurting inside

Si sufro, si lloro

Tengo una pena

Escondida atras de sonrisas

And the paper is my confession booth

Releasing my demons in bounds of papyrus

Hiding in tombs of forgotten God's

Ink that stains veins with poison 


Yo soy El Poeta

And my gift is my curse

And after I hit the stage

Sigo my vida

Con risas y penas 

Con rastos amargos

Y con cosas buenas


Yo soy El Poeta

I mi negocio es escribir

La verdad y esperanza

And I'll continue to write poems

With my heart merge in stanzas

For you- for me

For us to be heard

Even If they cant understand us




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