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August 20, 2018

So, this will be my first post of many, many, many more blog posts to come.

I have never thought I would be writer, especially a blogger.

What to write about what to talk about seems like so much work.


I come via Miami to Saint Pete and now I am in Honolulu.

Yes, my ass is all the way across the United States on an island that feels like home as if I never left Miami. I didn't know what to expect moving here. The reality is that the island is as diverse as Miami is. The honest truth is that the people are really what makes a difference and has made me feel like I am home.


I started this website because I want to share my love for Spoken Word and poetry to a larger group

and going to Open Mics is harder and harder to do. I am looking forward to visiting or hopefully opening an open mic spot here on the island. I have a vision of what this site can be. A source of creative ideas just like a corner store you would find in any neighborhood. We have poems or art and assist any one that has an idea and wants that idea to be transformed to a canvas. 


We will see what comes next.

For now, I am just looking forward sharing my journey with you.

Life is a poem and we are all the pen to paper.

Welcome to the Pen to Paper Blog.




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