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August 29, 2018






I’am Sorry


Let me start off

With these three words:

"I am sorry"

I don't know exactly what I did wrong

But I must have done something

To get your back

And now all my stuff is packed

But you must forgive me

See I lack the ability to read your mind

And today's horoscope didn't tell me

That there would be a war at my home

So, I am sorry

Because you're right and I am wrong

And if you're wrong I am still wrong and you're right

So please put the knife down

And let's talk about this

See the penis in between my legs doesn't

Let me think sometimes and prevents me

From showing you how I really feel inside

So, I think there has been a misunderstanding

Or maybe I left the seat on the toilet bowl up

Man, I just don't know what it is you're mad about

So now your lips are moving faster than your mind

And your fingers are texting me to hell

Eyes are flaming fire

Your tongue is spitting daggers

And all i can think about is,

"Damn you look sexy when you're mad"


So, what are we fighting about baby?

Because I just don't get it

All I wanted to do when I got home

To soothe my work blues is have a dose of Sportcenter

Maybe you forgot that you're my center

And the universe wouldn't be able to hold my love for you

Maybe I haven't held you enough

Or said thank you

Maybe I've been neglecting you

But know whatever it is you're mad about

There have been more good memories than bad ones

And well, the simplest explanation

For whatever I did

Is that I am a Man

So, take it for what it's worth

Maybe you're doing all this for make up sex

Or maybe you're just insane

I know sometimes you want to wear me like a coat

To keep me close to you

And Apple tells you how far away i am

But I know history is to blame

As your heart has been left by unworthy men

But I am not them

Your insecurities are secure doubts

So, I forgive you

Because I know for whatever you're mad about

You will forgive me too

So, let's put the gloves down

And let our lips fight with each other

And baby

What are we fighting about again?




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