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"Catch me if you can"

September 2, 2018








Hi my name is Ezzio


And I have an addiction

It all started at the age of 13

When masturbation just wasn’t cutting it any more

Now don’t get me twisted there’s nothing wrong with self-love

But at some point, a hand job needs a promotion


This is not a Pussy getting poem

Because honestly, I am not even going to call you in the morning

Probably won’t even remember your name after a month

Just another story I’ll tell the boys

Now don’t get mad; it’s just the way I am built

I am a hopeless romantic

My wedding date is going to be Feb 30th

Under the sky with a black tux


Amo ser amado

Tus ojos mirando el futuro

La passion entre nuestros labios

A first-class gentleman from the slums

I open doors and pay for the first date

Flowers and poems

Then I find something wrong



Some call me an asshole

But how am I the ASS if you’re the one providing the HOLE??

Now I am not trying to call you a hoe

But I love the challenge of a girl

That says she only has sex in a committed relationship

I have a problem, a compulsion

Sometimes it’s the sex other times it’s the attention

But must occasions I'm just bored



Say anything to get the job done

My dick is the size of Pinocchio's nose when lies

Build stone walls to hide my feelings

I am mute to express how I feel

I write better than I speak

So expect to receive aims and texts

And hear my voice only once a week

I am actually a sweetheart just don’t tell no one

Gigolo and heart breaker, I am known for


My hazel eyes and tongue are my weapons of choice

I hunt for game

I love seeing new panties on my mantel

And new names in my notebook

I am like a serial fucker

I like keeping trophies

No AA meeting is going to subdue these urges

I was created by the hands of misplaced trust

Molded and baked with sugar buttons

With a fake smile, I appear sweet

They call me the Gingerbread man

“Catch me if you can”

But she loved the way I tasted



People want what they can’t have

I am that bad boy you will never turn into a good guy

I fuck like a porn star and I write like a poet

“You can Google both”

My tattoos tell my past stories

Of the path i have taken



They say I have commitment issues

I just say I haven't found love yet

Well scratch that; I found love before

I am just not willing to go through

That emotional stress again

As relationships hopes have gotten lost out in sea

By the stormy weather and lust

Turned and buried deep in the ocean floor

By tidal waves of broken hearts

I kick back Coronas with Cupid

And play Madden with the Baker



I recognize I have flaws

Is it considered cheating if we are only "dating"?

I play head games; hustle and I like things my way

I love my own space; I am not too complex

Feed me, fuck me and let me watch Sport Center

I fart in bed and pick my nose when I got boogers

Have no patience for

"I don't know? Where do you want to go?"

"Maybe I am not sure"


I am a scorpion man

Not the jealous type because I don't get attached

I run away from drama

“Beep Beep” is my ring tone

I am Good friend, good lover, bad boyfriend



I am just being real

Sometimes I don’t like the man I see in front of the mirror

I want to hear Jiminy cricket in my ear

But it seems that the devil on my left shoulder shot him in the head

And the angel on the right was tossed

Most times I feel lost

So I look for a companion in all the wrong places

Fill that empty space with meaningless sex

So, my ego can be embraced

I feel like a page in a book

Hiding in the back of time

I’ve seen my mother cry over how my father

Didn’t know how to love her

Drugs and alcohol hindered his soul

From showing compassion

Now I don’t know how to receive and give

It seems like sometimes it’s all fake

Just so I don’t hurt the other person



No! It is I that doesn’t want to get hurt

Someday I’ll find my true love

For now, I’ll just be me



The Gingerbread man is what they call me



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